2016-2017 WMS Officer Elections

Elect the WMS 2016-2017 Leadership TODAY!


The WMS Nominating Committee has recommended a slate of candidates for election to Society leadership positions for one-year terms beginning July 1, 2016.  

This year's slate of finalized candidates is outlined below.  WMS physician members are invited to CLICK HERE to cast your vote.  Please do so by May 31 to ensure that your vote is counted in determining this year's election results.

2016-2017 Slate of Candidates

President Paul Johnson, MD Cheyenne Otolaryngologist
Vice President Joseph McGinley, MD Casper Radiologist
Secretary/Treasurer Lisa Finkelstein, DO Jackson Urologist
Open Trustee David Wheeler, MD Casper Neurologist
Past President Sigsbee Duck, MD Rock Springs Otolaryngologist


WMS Nominating Committee Members:

Dean Bartholomew, MD - Chairman
Valerie Lengfelder, MD
Doug Schmitz, MD
Michael Flaherty, MD