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The Wyoming Medical Society strives to be an efficient, member-driven,
responsive organization, capable of anticipating and responding swiftly
to the changing health care environment.

WMS seeks to serve its physician and physician assistant membership, as well as work to improve the health of Wyoming’s citizens.

WMS at Work... On Your Behalf!


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Relevant & Timely Communication

WMS is developing innovative ways to reach you & receive your feedback.

  • WMS newsletters & issue updates provide accurate and up to the minute information on critical health care issues.

  • Greatly expanded ways for your voice to be heard.

  • Website provides a clearinghouse of information & interactive communication.

  • Tailored information sent to members to meet specific communication needs.
  • Quarterly reports updating members on activity of the Board of Trustees
  • Members Only sections of new WMS website designed to provide more detailed information
  • Wyoming Medicine magazine published bi-annually to inform members of important issues, educate the public about important medical topics and improve the image of medicine in Wyoming.

Discounts on Medical Malpractice Insurance with The Doctors Company

  • WMS exclusively endorses The Doctors Company, bringing WMS physician members a 5% liability insurance discount. The Doctors Company is on a mission to relentlessly defend, protect, and reward physicians who advance the practice of good medicine.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the 5% discount available exclusively to WMS members by The Doctors Company (TDC).

Fighting for Medical Liability Reform

  • Continued push for a constitutional amendment to allow consideration of limits on non-economic damages.

  • Support for other reforms such as periodic payment of damages, disclosure of collateral source payments, expert witness reform and others.

Increased Medicaid Reimbursement

  • Formed the WMS Medicaid Task Force to push for a comprehensive review of reimbursement rates

  • Initiated a membership survey to determine the scope of problem among Wyoming physicians

  • Provided research and talking points to physicians and legislators

  • Joined forces with the Wyoming Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in a coordinated effort to advance the campaign for increased Medicaid reimbursement

  • Successfully lobbied the Legislature for a $1 million Medicaid state funding increase, matched 2-1 in federal funds for a total increase of $3 million

  • Working closely with Dept. of Health on implementation plan for increased funding

Other Legislative Accomplishments

  • Advocated for measures that represent positive steps to improving the health of Wyoming’s citizens: encouraging seat belt use, preventing tobacco sales to minors and eliminating domestic violence.

  • WMS was also successful in defeating a bill expanding Medicaid reimbursement to psychologists, and joined with a broad-based coalition in opposing a bill to levy sales tax on a wide array of services, including medical care.

Successful Stance on Sales & Use Tax Rules

  • Demanded the state consider and use medical opinion to develop an appropriate definition of “prosthetic device” over the course of a lengthy process to develop sales and use tax rules and regulations

Actively Involved in Scope of Practice Issues

  • WMS supports responsible collaboration between physicians and other health care practitioners, which maintains physicians as the leaders of the health care team

  • Successfully partnered with the Board of Pharmacy to develop acceptable rules for collaborative practice between physicians and pharmacists

  • Managed to negotiate one of the strictest Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) licensure acts in the country
  • Working with the Board of Nursing to achieve the same level of cooperation in defining APN scope of practice and collaboration guidelines in their proposed rules and regulations

WMS is Your Voice on Legislative/Regulatory Issues

  • WMS aggressively promotes critical health care issues at both the state & federal levels of government. Keep up on current activity by visiting the WMS Legislative/Regulatory page often.

Seeking Member Input - WMS is constantly seeking to increase opportunities for your input & involvement.

  • Governance structure based on member participation.

  • WMS leadership elections now open to the entire membership.

  • Member input sought to set policy & guide decision-making.

  • Member surveys ensure WMS is tracking your concerns, priorities & issues.

  • Member-based petition process will allow critical issues to be decided by the membership.

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