UMIA Offers 5 Percent Discount to WMS Members

CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Medical Society (WMS) announced today it has partnered with its second medical malpractice insurer in an attempt to gain discounts on medical malpractice premiums for its members.

In addition to its long-running 5 percent discount through The Doctors Company (TDC), WMS members are now also eligible for a 5 percent discount through UMIA.

Members of the WMS will be eligible for a 5 percent discount on their 2017 premiums. UMIA will verify WMS membership quarterly with WMS staff in Cheyenne in order to make sure WMS members remain eligible.

Non-WMS members interested in enjoying the discount are encouraged to join WMS before contacting Michelle Schum at USI Insurance in Cheyenne to obtain this additional discount. Schum is available at 307-637-2532 or New clients to UMIA are eligible for the discount 15 days after the receipt of dues and an application to the WMS. In addition to the discount for WMS membership, UMIA also offers a number of other discounts, which can be found in its website here.

“This is something long in the making that our board has been eager to share with our members,” said WMS Executive Director Sheila Bush. “It is finally official and we couldn’t be happier about what the future may hold for this partnership.”

UMIA formed in 1978 when commercial “for profit,” insurance providers discontinued medical liability coverage in Utah. In order to provide a source of liability coverage sensitive to the needs of its members, approximately 800 physicians across the state formed an insurance exchange that was the beginning of UMIA. In 2013, after 35 years of providing stable, physician-owned and directed liability coverage in Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, UMIA joined the MMIC family.

UMIA is one of two companies to offer a 5 percent discount on premiums to WMS members. The WMS exclusively endorses The Doctors Company as its preferred medical liability insurer. The Doctors Company, the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer, has been providing superior protection to Wyoming physicians for over 35 years. WMS members are eligible for claims-free credits, participation in the company’s multi-year dividend program, and an ironclad consent-to-settle guarantee.

To learn more about the exclusive benefits of The Doctors Company, contact Susan Miller at The Doctors Agency of Wyoming at (800) 451-9829 or To apply for coverage through TDC, click here.

The Wyoming Medical Society was founded in 1903 to provide representation, advocacy and service to Wyoming physicians. We strive to be an efficient, member-driven, responsive organization, capable of anticipating and responding swiftly to the changing health care environment. WMS serves our membership, and their patients, and works to improve the health of Wyoming's citizens.

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