WMS offers ICD-10 Resources

The Wyoming Medical Society is among several physician based organizations who are monitoring the hangover to ICD-10 which comes Oct. 1, 2015. Listed are a number of resources that may be helpful for Wyoming physicians who are dealing with the changeover.

Road to 10 is a part of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Road to 10 provides a 5 step quick start guide to prepare for ICD-10 as well as weekly interactive case studies using ICD-10 with feedback. Road to 10 also has a specialty reference section where you can find codes, primers for clinical documentation, clinical scenarios and other resources for each specialty.  Road to 10 also offers custom action plans to help your transition. They also help small physician practices prepare by offering free training sessions and events.

HRSA has a on-demand webinar you can watch or download about ICD-10. HRSA also provides links to the World Health Organization (WHO) and CMS for more ICD-10 information. A link to AHIMA provides resources to ICD-10 implementation toolkit, preparation checklist, coding basics video, playbook, historical ICD timeline, and top questions

CMS provides information on latest news, implementation planning,  provider resources, Medicare fee-for-service providers resources, state Medicaid ICD-10 readiness with an interactive map,  payer resources, vendor resources, statute and regulations, 2014-2016 CM/PCS and GEMs, ICD-10 MS-DRG conversion project and more.

The CDC provides information about ICD-10 and the revisions made, and what you need to know about the ICD-10 -CM/PCS transition. Files from the 2010 release of ICD-10 CM to the FY 2016 release of ICD-10-CM are also available. 

AAPC provides custom services and training for large practices and solo practices. AAPC also provides training by position - coder/auditor, physician, or practice manager/admin. An interactive diagram is available to see how each role in the provider office is affected by ICD-10. ICD-10 code books and manual have been created with the same look and feel of the ICD-9 code books to provide ease and familiarity. Visit this website to purchase the AAPC ICD-10 code books. ICD-10 code resources are also available.

The AMA has great background on the differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10 as well as the CM and PCS versions. Past implementation delays and the ICD-9 and ICD-10 code freeze are also explained. Results of Medicare testing and payment with ICD-10 are also available.  The AMA also provides documents on a 12 step transition guide and what you need to know for the upcoming transition. If you want to see how the AMA is advocating for ICD-10 there is a section designated to that. AMA also has educational resources and additional resources available about ICD-10. 

The ICD-10 coding tool by NueMD is a free tool for ICD-10 code look-ups.