Wyoming Medical Society Evaluation and Presentation Page


The 2015 Wyoming Medical Society’s Annual Meeting takes place from June 5-7 at Jackson Lake Lodge in Moran, Wyo. As part of the WMS’ accreditation process is evaluations for both the event as well as for individual speakers. Please click on the surveys below which reflect speakers you have seen/heard, as well as https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LSJSJ9W

The Wyoming Medical Society also asks its presenters to share their presentations with the attendees of the Annual Meeting and those presentations may be found below:

Date Presenter Title/hyperlink to presentation Affiliation
June 5 Joe Kryc, MD Pre-eclampsiaL  What practicing physcians need to know University of Arizona College of Medicine
  Joe Kryc, MD Nanomedicine University of Arizona College of Medicine
  Harold Pillsbury III, MD Development of statewide hearing rehabilitation for children University of North Carolina School of Medicine 
  Harold Pillsbury III, MD New concepts in the treatment of deafness University of North Carolina School of Medicine
  Jim Hutchison, PA-C North American Bites and Stings National Outdoor Leadership School
  Jim Hutchison, PA-C Leadership Decision Making National Outdoor Leadership School
  Jim Hutchison, PA-C Lessons From The Field National Outdoor Leadership School
  Robert Lohr, MD Pre-Operative Testing, Excellence in Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic
June 6 Sana Johnson-Quijada, MD How to talk to pschyatric patients Loma Linda University
  Sana Johnson-Quijada, MD Sleep - the vital sign of psychiatry Loma Linda University
  Eydie Trautwein, JD Protecting children from abuse - Understanding Wyoming laws, procedures and the role of a physician (Panel discussion, no PPT) State of Wyoming

Bryan Pedersen


Wealth Management RBC Wealth Management
  Earl Quijada, MD, Dean Bartholomew, MD, Jim Little, MD Palliative care - communicating with patients about the end of life, Patient Comunication    
  Bill Wyatt, MD Clift lip/palate Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
  Will Smith, MD Search and rescue on Grand Teton after a lightning strike Wilderness and Emergency Medicine Consulting
  Tom Forslund An update from the Wyoming Department of Health (No presentation) Wyoming Department of Health
  Alexia Harrist, MD, PhD Ebola's impact from the front lines in Africa to community readiness in Wyoming Wyoming Department of Health
  Nick Healey, JD The future of medicine - IPA, IPA Presentation Dray, Dyekman, Reed & Healey, P.C.
  Fran Cadez, JD, MBA Considerations of Health Systems Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
  Grace Gosar, MD, Mike Tracy, MD Experiences in Direct Primary Care (Panel discussion, no PPT)  Crazy Woman Health, Platte Valley Healthcare
  Nick Healey, JD Contract negotiations for employed physicians, Contract Presentation Dray, Dyekman, Reed & Healey, P.C.

June 6

  Al Shear, PA-C Rural Health Aids  
  Brad Hanebrink, DO Clearing the Preoperative Patient  
  Catherine Judd, PA-C ER/LA Opioid REMS:  Achieving Safe Use While Improving Patient Care  
  Robert Tobin, MD Look, Listen, the Quiet Symptoms of Malignancy