Malpractice Insurance Discounts


WMS exclusively endorses The Doctors Company—a partnership that provides members with expert guidance, resources, and coverage. Benefits include a 5% program discount and claims-free credit of up to 17.5%, dividends, free CME, and the Tribute® Plan career award. Coverage is also provided for cyber liability and regulatory action. That’s what The Doctors Company means by taking the mal out of malpractice insurance. Get a Quote.

The Wyoming Medical Society recently partnered with its second medical malpractice insurer to gain discounts on medical malpractice premiums for WMS members. Members of WMS are now eligible for a 5 percent discount through UMIA. UMIA also offers its clients other discounts. More information is available at Non-WMS members interested in enjoying the UMIA discount are encouraged to join WMS before contacting USI Insurance in Cheyenne to obtain this additional discount. USI is available at 307-637-2532. To join WMS go to or call 307-635-2424.

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