Board of Trustees

The WMS Board of Trustees is composed of executive officers and up to 16 county component society seats, who provide statewide representation. Retired physicians, Physician Assistants, Residents, and Students are also represented on the WMS Board. These individuals participate in determining policy, responding to developing situations, and receiving and acting upon reports from committees and task forces. The Board, as a body, has full authority to act and speak for the membership.

Elections are held electronically in May of each year to determine the coming year’s WMS officers.

WMS President

Kristopher Schamber, MD is a practicing internist in Sheridan.

WMS Vice President

Spencer Weston, MD is practicing family medicine physician in Evanston.

WMS Secretary Treasurer

Kristina Behringer, MD is practicing family medicine physician in Cheyenne.

WMS Past President

Jasper James “JJ” Chen, MD is a practicing psychiatrist in Cheyenne.

WMS Open Trustee

Matt Mitchell, MD is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Casper.

AMA Delegate

Stephen Brown, MD  is a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Casper.

AMA Alternate Delegate (non-voting)

Paul Johnson, MD, is an ear, nose and throat physician and surgeon at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie.

WMS Trustees and The Areas They Represent

Albany County – Tracey Haas, MD

Campbell County – John Mansell, MD 

Carbon County – Brendan Fitzsimmons, MD 

Fremont County – Angus McAlpin, MD 

Johnson County – Luke Goddard, MD

Johnson County Alternate – Erica Dobbs Rinker, MD

Laramie County – Ron Malm, DO

Natrona County – Bert Toews, MD

Natrona County Alternate – Eric Schubert, MD 

Northeast Counties – Heith Waddell, MD  

Northwest Counties – Sarah Durney, MD

Sheridan County Representative – Sierra Gross, MD

Sweetwater County Representative – Isreal Stewart, MD 

Teton County Representative – Giovannina Anthony, MD  

Retired Physicians – Robert Kanard, MD

PA Representative – Jim Hutchison, PA-C 

PA Alternate – Nancy Brewster, PA-C

WWAMI Student Representative – Heidi Taggart 

UW Residency – Katherine Gaker, DO

WWAMI Regional Clinical Dea – Robert Monger, MD 

Counties without county representation (Carbon, Fremont, Goshen, Platte, and Uinta) are represented by the following Trustees-At-Large 

Carol Fischer, MD

Kevin Helling, MD

Donald Kirk, MD

Mattson Mathey, MD


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