The Wyoming Medical Political Action Committee (WYOPAC) promotes and strives for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating physicians to take a more active part in governmental affairs.  WYOPAC invites contributions from WMS members and disburses funds to candidates based on their positions on healthcare-related issues.  By organizing themselves, Wyoming physicians can more effectively impact political action and better understand the nature of that impact within government.  WYOPAC is responsible for WMS political fundraising and candidate support.

WYOPAC is dedicated to creating a legislative environment that is open and fair when considering the interests of Wyoming physicians and their patients.  WYOPAC committee members and WMS staff gather information, interview and support candidates of both parties, Republican and Democrat, during the primary and general elections.  WYOPAC members review input from physicians and other sources on candidates’ backgrounds and their positions on medical issues.  Candidates who receive WYOPAC support and funding are “friends of medicine” who have established voting records or positions supportive of WMS legislative issues.

WYOPAC is not affiliated in any way with the American Medical Association (AMA) or the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC).  There was a time in WYOPAC’s history that funds contributed to WYOPAC were shared with AMPAC to support federal candidates.  However, recently that has changed so that all money contributed to WYOPAC stays in Wyoming to support Wyoming candidates at the state level.

Election 2022

The 2022 election season will be an important one for Wyoming medicine. WYOPAC strives to unify the physician voice statewide to achieve the greatest impact in electing legislators and statewide officials who will be “friends of medicine” and the issues closest to impacting patient care and healthcare delivery throughout the state. Please consider a donation to WYOPAC today!

Legislative Candidates & WYOPAC Election Guides

In the 2020 election cycle, WYOPAC distributed our first ever Election Guide. Given how well-received that publication was, WYOPAC has again published an Election Guide for the 2022 Election Season. Candidates with a caduceus next to their name have been designated “friends of medicine” and have earned that distinction through their work on key issues with WMS leadership or their voting record. If you have any questions about the election guide, or how the WYOPAC board determines candidate endorsements, don’t hesitate to contact Sheila Bush at the WMS office. 


Contributions to WYOPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Voluntary political contributions by individuals to WYOPAC should be made from personal accounts.  WYOPAC cannot accept corporate funds.

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