Opioid-Related Resources

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., and opioids account for over 60 percent of those deaths. Building a strong doctor-patient rapport can help facilitate tough conversations with patients about opioid prescriptions and reduce risks that could lead to malpractice suits. Here is a column by The Doctors Company offering tips for having a conversation with patients regarding opioid prescription.

Dr. Natalie Winter (Pain Management, CRMC) presented on the opioid epidemic, opioid legislation, WY opioid laws, data supporting legislation, and where we are headed. Click to view her PowerPoint below.

Opioid Legislation PPT by Natalie Winters MD

Wyoming statute directs the Wyoming Board of Medicine to require licensees who are registered with the board of pharmacy to dispense a controlled substance to complete one hour of continuing education related to the responsible prescribing of controlled substances or the treatment of substance abuse disorders every two years. 

WMS will try to provide opioid learning opportunities at each annual meeting and on our Online Learning Calendar.

CLICK HERE to view a listing of Wyoming SUD Resources.