Board of Medicine Emergency Rule – Physician Applications

The Wyoming Board of Medicine filed an emergency rule with the Governor’s Office this morning relating to criminal history record checks on physicians. The rule expands the Board’s authority to request a criminal history recrod report on a physician seeking a letter of qualification for licensure in other states through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

The memo which accompanied the rules states the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, of which Wyoming is a member, anticipates opening it system to facilitate issurance of physician license in member states within the next 15-to-30 days. For the Board of Medicine to determine a Wyoming physician’s qualifications to use IMLC system to be licensed in other states, it must conduct a criminal history check. Federal and state Division of Criminal Investigation regulations require the Board to have a rule specifically setting forth its procedures for using criminal history check results. This emergency rule will permit the Board to process Wyoming physician applications to use the IMLC while the permanent rulemaking is being developed.