WMS 2017 Legislative Bill Tracker

Below is a listing of the bills the Wyoming Medical Society followed during the 2017 Legislative Session, as well as the action that was taken on them. SF021 – Death Certificates:  AN ACT relating to vital records; providing that an advanced practice registered nurse or physician assistant may complete the medical certification of a death […]

Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Sees New Members Learning New Subjects

By Sheila Bush Wyoming Medical Society The final meeting of the interim for any Legislative subcommittee is frenzied as the committee convenes for the last time of the year and decides which bills to sponsor before the start of the upcoming session. Making December’s Joint Labor, Health, and Social Services meeting in Cheyenne more interesting […]

New Faces Coming En Mass To The Legislature

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Few people know the Wyoming Legislature better than Joan Barron. From 1971-2014 Barron covered the Legislature from Cheyenne for the Casper Star-Tribune. Even in retirement she continues to spend time in the capitol researching legislation for her continued Sunday column in the Star-Tribune. She has seen it all […]

Joint Labor, Health Committee Offers Experience and New Perspectives

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Anyone attending a Wyoming House Joint Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee meeting during the 2017 legislative session would be wise to bring a legislative facebook with them, as the cast has made significant changes from a year ago. Leading the committee will be Rep. Eric Barlow (R-Campbell […]

Wanted:  Providers to Serve in the Legislature

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Before he was Rep. John Barrasso (R-Casper), he was John Barrasso, MD, a fact not lost on those he served with in the Wyoming Legislature from 2003-07. “Lawmakers would often come to me to on issues related to healthcare and they would also come to me with specific […]

Abortion Bills See Amendments, Pass Second Reading

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Three bills dealing with abortion have passed the Wyoming House of Representatives with votes today. The bills were introduced to the House Committee of the Whole on Wednesday and featured lively debate before the more traditional and subdued debate on second reading yesterday morning. House Bill 250, brought […]

Cigarette Tax Clears House Revenue Committee

The Wyoming House Revenue Committee moved a measures forward that would increase taxes on cigarettes $.30 per pack today in Cheyenne. If the increase continues to move forward, it will be the state’s first increase in tobacco tax since 2003. The bill will now go on general file in the House where it will be […]