Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Sees New Members Learning New Subjects

By Sheila Bush Wyoming Medical Society The final meeting of the interim for any Legislative subcommittee is frenzied as the committee convenes for the last time of the year and decides which bills to sponsor before the start of the upcoming session. Making December’s Joint Labor, Health, and Social Services meeting in Cheyenne more interesting […]

New Faces Coming En Mass To The Legislature

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Few people know the Wyoming Legislature better than Joan Barron. From 1971-2014 Barron covered the Legislature from Cheyenne for the Casper Star-Tribune. Even in retirement she continues to spend time in the capitol researching legislation for her continued Sunday column in the Star-Tribune. She has seen it all […]

Joint Labor, Health Committee Offers Experience and New Perspectives

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Anyone attending a Wyoming House Joint Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee meeting during the 2017 legislative session would be wise to bring a legislative facebook with them, as the cast has made significant changes from a year ago. Leading the committee will be Rep. Eric Barlow (R-Campbell […]

Wanted:  Providers to Serve in the Legislature

  By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Before he was Rep. John Barrasso (R-Casper), he was John Barrasso, MD, a fact not lost on those he served with in the Wyoming Legislature from 2003-07. “Lawmakers would often come to me to on issues related to healthcare and they would also come to me with specific […]

What is the role of the Cheyenne and Sheridan VA’s in Wyoming’s medical community

The VA in Cheyenne. By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society Colonel Cherron R. Galluzzo is the Commander of the 90th Medical Group at F. E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, having come to town in mid-July – her 16th move for the Air Force since 1993. So far it is safe to say her welcome to […]

Wanted: Good Docs To Serve

Lt. Col. Luis Otero talks to a patient during his clinic hours at FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne. By Tom Lacock Wyoming Medical Society While many Wyoming physicians have previously served in the US Armed Forces, opportunities abound for doctors interested in being a part of the military. Most days Jeff Storey is a physician […]

Car-A-Van Keeps Cancer Patients On the Road

Free Van Services Helps Cancer Patients Go From The Big Horn Basin to Cody for Treatment By Bob Vines For The Wyoming Medical Society CODY — Kevin Johnson has every available restroom along a 425-mile route through Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin flagged in the GPS system of the white Honda minivan affectionately known as the […]

WMS’ Salute to its Members Who Have Served

The Wyoming Medical Society salutes its members who have served in the US Military. The WMS printed the following pages into the Fall 2016 issue of Wyoming Medicine as a thank you.

Taking Care of a Dictator

  By Tom Lacock and Rob Monger Wyoming Medical Society Military deployments were nothing new for Joseph Horam, MD — he had been deployed six times before. However, this deployment to Iraq, scheduled for May 2006, started much differently than previous tours. Horam, a colonel in the Wyoming Army National Guard and former State Surgeon […]