Noridian Announces Redetermination Change

Noridian has announced an added feature to the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP), providers and suppliers who submit their redeterminations and/or reopenings through the portal will now receive the Level 1 Medicare Redetermination Notices (MRNs) via NMP.

This means that if the outcome of the redetermination or reopening results in a fully favorable (payable) determination, the Remittance Advice (RA) will continue to be the method of communication; this process will continue. For all other decisions, which would receive an MRN, the method of communication will be the Appeal Status Inquiry feature in the NMP.

This enhancement means that providers and suppliers will now be able to obtain their MRNs quickly and efficiently, with the option to print the determination letter, when they use the NMP for submission!

Because MRNs will no longer be mailed, please ensure that the appropriate staff are enrolled as an NMP user.

Noridian encourages the submission of electronic reopenings/redeterminations and all supporting documentation (10MB per file; unlimited file submission per claim) via the NMP. This submission method ensures that the redetermination or reopenings contains all required information, including the signature on redetermination requests.  For more information, contact Tracy Schutt at Noridian at