AMA Attorney Offers Summary of IMLC


At long last, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact is live, here:

Physicians can apply for an expedited license at

There are a few issues to be aware of.

1)      As of now, 7 of the 18 states (AL, ID, IA, KS, WV, WI, WY) in the Compact are ready to issue licenses through the Compact. The remaining 11 are working to clarify/verify that their state medical boards are authorized to conduct background checks as required by the Compact. Bills to clear up this issue appear to be moving quickly.

2)      Fees

a.       For states – The Commission decided that there will be no cost to a state to participate in the Compact.

b.      For physicians – The cost to a physician to participate in the Compact is:

i.      Application Cost  = $700

1.       $400 of which will go to the Commission, and

2.       $300 of which will go to the physician’s State of Principal Licensure to cover the cost of verifying the physician’s credentials; PLUS

ii.      License Cost – Each state in the Compact has the authority to establish the cost of the license received through the Compact. The costs range from $75-600. See the breakdown here.

The Commission has stated that the application fee may be changed in the future as licenses start being processed, and the amount of interest in getting a license through the Compact is better known.

The AMA strongly supports the Compact, and is interested in working with any state medical association that wishes to pursue Compact legislation in your state. Please contact me with any questions or for additional resources on the Compact.


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Kristin Schleiter, JD, LLM
Senior Legislative Attorney
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