Bartholomew Takes Part in Panel Discussion For US Senate

Saratoga physician and Wyoming Medical Society Past President Dean Bartholomew, MD was part of a panel discussion at the US Senate’s Rural Health Caucus and National Quality Forum (NQF) on Tuesday, April 19.

The event featured NQF’s Rural Health Committee report on the changing role of rural providers and the recommendation that these providers participate in CMS quality measurement and improvement programs, including potentially MACRA. The discussion focused on whether and how rural providers may be included in such Federal programs.

“Dr. Bartholomew provided an invaluable perspective for policymakers,” said US Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming). “We know delivering health care in rural communities has its unique rewards and challenges. As a senator, I am focused on ensuring that Washington listens to people like Dean, who are so passionate about providing high-quality care to Wyoming’s patients.”

The panel discussion was led by Sen. Barrasso, the 1993 WMS Physician of the Year, and Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota). Bartholmew was joined on the panel by Ira Moscovice, PhD, University of Minnesota; Aaron Garman, MD, Coal Country Community Health Center, Beulah, North Dakota; and Bruce Landon, MD, MBA, MSc, Harvard University.

“I have tried to use my time on the executive committee of the WMS to champion rural healthcare issues within the state,” Bartholomew said. “The opportunity to work with the NQF at a national level, especially with Congress, is an excellent opportunity to represent our rural communities and state. The continual escalation of the administrative burden to participate in these quality ‘mprovement,’ programs is choking the life out of rural providers…which is the exact message I passed on to our leaders.”