Noridian Column on Revalidation

Scott Oien, external relations manager of Noridian contacted the Wyoming Medical Society this week to remind Wyoming Medical Society members the need for revalidation with CMS.

Noridian is the Medicare Part B and D contractor for the region, including Wyoming. Oien said all claims in those areas come through Noridian and offered his help with revalidation.

It is important to make sure all providers are aware of the need to revalidate their enrollment information and also the changes that have happened with Cycle 2. Although there are some similarities that relate back to Cycle 1, there are also some major changes.

Things that will not change:

  • Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS) will continue to send a revalidation notice within 2-3 months prior to the revalidation due date either by email (to email addresses reported on your prior applications) or regular mail (two of your reported addresses: correspondence, special payments and/or your primary practice address) identifying your due date.
  • Providers/suppliers are still encouraged to submit their revalidation via Internet-based PECOS, as it is the most efficient and cost effective way to revalidate.

What has changed:

  • CMS has established due dates by which you must revalidate.  The due dates are on the last day of the month.  Providers are expected to submit the revalidation application by this date.
  • Posted due dates are on beginning March 1, 2016.  The following link will take you to that page  If a due date is listed, you will need to submit a complete revalidation application by that time.  If it is not listed, please continue to check back for a due date.
  • Unsolicited revalidation submissions will be returned to the provider if it is 6 months prior to the due date.  In other words, if there is no due date, please do not submit a revalidation application to NHS as it will be returned to you. If updates are needed to your enrollment, submit a completed Change of Information application.
  • Contractors such as NHS will not be following up with any missed revalidation applications with phone calls.  It is the responsibility of the provider to meet their deadline with all the information contained in the enrollment record, by the due date listed.

Impact for those who miss the Revalidation due date:

Deactivation will occur and providers will be required to send us a new application.  The reactivation date after a period of deactivation will be based on the receipt date of the new full and complete application.  Retroactive billing privileges back to the period of deactivation will be not be granted.

NHS website Link to Revalidation information:

Information may change or be updated on occasion.  The best way to stay informed is to refer to our webpage under the revalidation section.  A copy of that link is provided here for you

Please feel free to use any of the above information for your news letters or bulletins as we want to make sure all providers are aware that revalidations are once again upon us.

Thank you.

Scott Oien
External Relations Manager
701-277-5201 (work)