WWAMI E-2017 Class Receives Their Whitecoats

Kelsey Tuttle of Rock Springs receives her white coat from John Haeberle, MD during the Wyoming WWAMI white coat ceremony in Laramie on Aug. 18.

The next generation of Wyoming physicians received their whitecoats during a ceremony and dinner Friday night at the Marian Rochelle Gateway Center on the campus of the University of Wyoming.

The whitecoat ceremony welcomes incoming medical students to the medical profession.

A room packed with families and friends of the incoming class of medical students listened to welcomes and well wishes from Wyoming WWAMI Director Timothy Robinson, PhD, and University President Laurie Nichols, PhD before enjoying dinner and a keynote by Laramie physician and WWAMI faculty John Haeberle, MD.

Haeberle’s keynote centered on the need to develop relationships with others in the class, as well as WWAMI faculty, and further down the road of life, the next generation of medical students and physicians.

A presentation of whitecoats, stethoscopes, and otoscopes featured a number of Wyoming Medical Society (WMS) members, and former WWAMI graduates. WMS Past President Paul Johnson, MD, Carol Wright-Becker, MD, and Kim Westbrook, MD presented the E-2017 class with stethoscopes courtesy of WWAMI alumni, while Holly Zajic of Ivinson Memorial Hospital presented the students otoscopes provided by the University of Washington School of Medicine Alumni Association. Wyoming WWAMI Clinical Dean and WMS Board member Larry Kirven, MD presented the students medical reference guides, which were a gift from the Wyoming WWAMI E-2016 class.

After the students recited the class oath, Suzanne Allen, MD, Vice Dean for Academic, Rural, and Regional Affairs at the University of Washington School of Medicine then offered closing remarks before the students posed for pictures in their new coats.

Members of the E-2017 Class are:  Lingga Adidharma (Laramie); Joshua Henry (Laramie); Jordan Reed (Gillette); Jackson Schmidt (Cody); Madeline Birch (Cody); Austin Lever (Rock Springs); Quinn Rivera (Cody); Ethan Sight (Cody); Dillon Brown (Cheyenne); Sarah Maze (Ranchester); Aaron Robertson (Douglas); Mason Stillman (Gillette); Heidi Hanekamp (Laramie); Trevor Mordhorst (Cheyenne); Michael Robison (Green River); Kelsey Tuttle (Rock Springs); Cody Hansen (Rock Springs); Spencer Pecha (Gillette); Giandor Saltz (Powell); Sabrina Westover (Cheyenne).

Jackson Schmidt (left) and Mason Stillman recite the class oath during the whitecoat ceremony in Laramie, Aug. 18.





Holly Zajic of Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie presens an otoscope to Ethan Slight during the Whitecoat ceremony, Aug. 18.
The Wyoming WWAMI E-2017 Class recites the class oath on Aug. 18 in Laramie.
The E-2017 Wyoming WWAMI Class poses for pictures after their whitecoat ceremony in Laramie, Aug. 18.
Kim Westbrook, MD presents at stethoscope to Madeleine Birch of Cody.