WY Quality Counts Update

2015 is almost over. Make sure you’re set for another year of exciting developments in your child’s brain and body with more than 100 easy and engaging activities in the 2016 WYQC calendar!

This year’s theme, “When I Grow Up”, explores a different career every month and offers targeted activities for you and your child to enjoy. Even more exciting is how we’ve enhanced the format and the activities thanks to feedback from parents and child care providers like you.

What’s brand new?

  • On-The-Go calendar format – Life with children can be hectic, so we made the calendar adaptable to your on-the-go lifestyle—hang it on the wall or put it in your diaper bag or backpack and take it with you.
  • Domain-specific activities – Simplified activities related to a monthly career focus on one Domain of Development each, making it easier than ever to work on specific Domains with your child.

What’s even better?

  • More space to write – We made the day squares a little larger so you have more room for all your reminders, appointments, and plans.
  • More jokes – Who doesn’t love a good joke? We’ve given you even more reasons to chuckle, chortle and laugh with your child.
  • More engaging math activities – You asked for a variety of math activities, so we’ve created more math-specific activities.
  • More convenient weekend challenges – Weekends can get so busy! Now you can do weekend challenges on Saturday or Sunday.

If you haven’t ordered a calendar yet, it’s not too late! Go to wyqualitycounts.org and order it now!

WY Quality Counts is brought to you by the Department of Workforce Services and exists to provide training, grants and awareness to increase the quality of child care in Wyoming. WY Quality Counts is pleased to contribute to the quarterly WY Kids First Newsletter; however, the views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of WY Quality Counts, the Department of Workforce Services, or any of the employees thereof.