Wyoming Leaders in Medicine Physician Leadership Academy Advisory Committee





The Wyoming Leaders in Medicine Physician Leadership Academy is headed up by an Advisory Committee, which offers the program direction, as well as taking part in program planning. The Advisory Committee includes:

  • Paul Johnson, MD – WMS Past President (Cheyenne)
  • Larry Kirven, MD – WWAMI Assistant, WWAMI Clinical Coordinator, WMS Board member, and past WMS President (Buffalo)
  • Allen Gee, MD – WMS Board member (Cody)
  • Betsy Spomer, MD – WMS Open Trustee. Physician Burn-Out Coach (Powell)
  • Paul Beaupre, MD – St. John’s Hospital (Jackson Hole) CEO and anesthesiologist (Jackson Hole)
  • Eric Boley – President of the Wyoming Hospital Association (Cheyenne)
  • Joseph Steiner, PharmD, Dean of the College of Health Sciences at the University of Wyoming (Laramie)


Project Narrative: Establishment of a Wyoming Physician Leadership Program to build leadership capacity among Wyoming physicians in support of their professional success in an ever changing healthcare system through the use of leadership tools and intentional strategy that will enable physicians to propel decision making in a direction that will ensure their viability in their ideal practice setting and support the delivery of quality patient care.

Advisory Committee guides the decisions in regard to:

1) Structure/Framework

  1. When the training should occur
  2. How many sessions
How long each session should be
  4. Where sessions should be held

2) Curriculum guidance

  1. FutureSYNC International is responsible for curriculum development
  2. Advisory Committee provides guidance for the refinement of the proposed core content

3) Physician Faculty

  1. Recommend, solicit participation and support physician faculty members

4) Panel Decisions

  1. Work with Wyoming Medical Society Staff in the refinement of topics

5) Program sponsors

  1. Work with Wyoming Medical Society staff in regard to the identification of sponsors and effective approaches to participation