Wyoming Medicaid

Wyoming elected officials are facing the first of many anticipated healthcare policy challenges with the question of whether or not to expand the Medicaid program in Wyoming.  Expanding would mean creating a new category of eligibility, and increasing the income limits for those already currently eligible for program services.  WMS was asked by the Governor and Legislators for our position on the question of expansion and best efforts were made to step forward.

Below are links to the final WMS position statement, as well as other supporting documents.

WMS leadership and staff are well aware that the Society position taken on this issue does not necessarily reflect the personal beliefs of each of our members individually.  If any member, or group of members, feels strongly enough that an alternative should be considered please contact the WMS office for information about appealing decisions of the Board.

WMS Board Members strongly considered the following in their decision to support expansion:

  • Wyoming Medicaid is automatically expanding to include all children with family incomes less than 138% (133% plus disregards) of Federal Povertly Level (FPL).
  • Wyoming is currently obligated to provide benefits and services to members of the population already eligible for Medicaid, but not currently enrolled.  This population is commonly referred to as the “woodwork” population.  Covering this population is estimated to cost the state close to $80 million through 2020.
  • Expanding Medicaid to the optional population – creating a new category for childless adults and increasing income elgibility threshold – is estimated to offer the state a net savings of more than $47 million.
  • WMS looked to longstanding principles of the Society to advocate for increases access to care for all Wyoming citizens.  WMS leadership worked closely with various leaders within state government, including Governor Mead and his staff, in our best effort to do what is right, and best, for Wyoming patients in today’s climate.

All information and documents regarding this matter are strictly reserved for Wyoming Medical Society members.  Please do not copy or in any other way share the information posted above.