Wyoming Medicine Seeks Physician Story Ideas

Wyoming Medicine, the award-winning publication of The Wyoming Medical Society is working on its next edition and needs your help for two stories.

Wyoming Medicine wants to know what you do as a physician to avoid burnout. In its spring edition the magazine will feature tips on avoiding burnout while printing methods its member physicians use to maintain a work-life balance. If you have something to share with the WMS, send what you do, why you do it, along with a photo of you doing it to tom@wyomed.org. We’ll share it in the magazine. Please keep the length anywhere from 50-300 words. We would love to know how that activity helps you and how it could help others like you stave off burnout.

The spring magazine will also feature stories from experts in the field of physician burnout to offer their tips and ideas for helping Wyoming physicians achieve the concept of work-life balance that may seem to have the same probability as a Big Foot sighting.

WMS is also starting a new feature called, “I can’t believe I saved ‘em,” in which we ask our member physicians to tell us the story (in 600 words or less) about a case that stands out in your mind where you overcame extraordinary odds to save the patient or had an unexpectedly positive outcome. Keep in mind HIPPA rules and keep yourself out of trouble by making sure the patient isn’t able to be identified, but let us know the circumstances that made it a unique case and what you did that made the difference.

Wyoming physicians do amazing work each day, let’s celebrate that and let the world know. To submit stories or story ideas, email Tom Lacock at tom@wyomed.org.