Expert on Physician Burnout to Present at WMS Annual Meeting

Lotte Dyrbye, MD

If you have read a study on the causes and effects of physician burnout, chances are Lotte Dyrbye, MD, played a major part in the study. If you feel like your EMR is the cause of your feelings of burnout, you will really like Dr. Dyrbye. She has done the research to prove you right.

Feel like someone needs to come up with a plan to lessen the burden on physicians as a whole? She’s worked on that too.

Dr. Dyrbye has a CV that will take a couple days to read, but among the highlights are the fact she is the Associate Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Medicine Program on Physician Well-being.​ When not working on that program, she is also a professor of medicine and a consultant in the division of Primary Care Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Dyrbye will present on the causes of and efforts to stave off Physician Burnout on Saturday, June 3, at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park.