The WyoPOLST program is an approach to keep the patient and their provider at the center of one’s care at the end-of-life.  The WyoPOLST form is an actual medical order form signed by a provider and the patient or his/her representative.  The WyoPOLST form is an effort to take a patient’s wishes as expressed verbally or outlined in a living will (advance care planning documents) and place them into an actionable medical order to be followed by healthcare providers throughout the state.

The WyoPOLST working group formed in 2014 and the group instituted a pilot program in November 2014. In early 2015, the Wyoming State Legislature passed HB 0162, allowing for the enactment of law to standardize a state POLST form and allow its use with true provider immunity. The law went into effect fully in early 2016.

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