Centennial Scholarship and WYOPAC Need Your Donation

JayCee Mikesell and Glen Clinton pose with WMS Past President and scholarship founder, Mike Jording at Jackson Lake Lodge on June 2. WMS Centennial Scholarship Donations Jaycee Mikesell of Green River and Cody’s Glen Clinton were awarded Centennial Scholarships, available to first year WWAMI students from Wyoming. The Centennial Scholarship, which Newcastle physician Mike Jording […]

Wyoming Physicians Taking Leadership Role on State Boards

Physician, Musician, State Aeronautics Board member. Former WMS board of trustees president Sigsbee Duck, MD, RPh was named by the Governer to the state aeronautics board this week.  A few Wyoming physicians have taken leadership roles in the state with the Governor’s release of his appointees for various boards and commissions around Wyoming. Former WMS […]